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Inter-company leadership programs held in Luanda, which challenge each participant to explore their potential as a people manager. Programs that offer innovative methodologies, for companies and leaders of people who want to invest in their development, inspiring their teams to obtain more and better results.


JASON Beat presents TOPLÍDERES with a new purpose, a new positioning and consequently, with a re-styling of the brand.






In this 4th edition, we amplify the dream and move from Angola to Africa, ensuring that we are part of this more global construction, maintaining the same essence and the same alignment, in an increasingly interdependent and collaborative ecosystem.


We also have a partnership with HSM, the most complete corporate education platform in Brazil, which created HSM University to offer specialization courses in management, developed based on success stories from the greatest global executives and entrepreneurs. She is the representative of Singularity Univerty Brasil and responsible for organizing some of the events with the greatest impact for this audience – HSM +; The Town (partnership for Rock in Rio) and GP Academy at the Formula 1 venue.

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A GLOBAL view on:

The rhythm of Business, Innovation and People! What has changed and will change? What strategies and good practices can and should be leveraged to navigate this pace more successfully and safely? What can we learn from stories of executives who experience these challenges firsthand?


Feel the pulse of current affairs and take a deeper look at topics such as resilience, courageous decision-making, intrapreneurship, cooperation between different generations or even the management of the cooperation/competition binomial.

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TOP Líderes África
28 May 2024



1st LOT:
First 50 registrations - 759,000.00 AOA

2nd LOT:

From 50 to 100 registrations - 901,000.00 AOA

3rd LOT:

Last 50 registrations – 949,000.00 AOA 

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