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October 17th 2019 Inner Talker I

Garrett McNamara 


Garrett McNamara is an international explorer ofbig waves, recognized for having found the biggest wave in the world in Nazaré, Portugal. Conquered the Guinness World Records 8 times for the biggest wave ever surfed. In recent years, after starting a family, he embraced the mission of being a driver of change.

Through his personal motto "anything is possible", McNamara wants to be a living example of reducing plastic on the planet, returning to the Ocean what it has offered him throughout his life.

McNamara will make his debut in Angola at the invitation of the TALENT Festival. On the 17th of October, he will speak to young leaders about his life experience, fear management and the importance of teamwork as a surfer. It will end with a provocation to the participants about the urgent need to save the Oceans, through the change of habits in the day-to-day of each one.

Inner Talker II



Thokozile Ntshinga was born in Langa into a family of musicians. Sis'Thoko was a single mother working as a nursing assistant when she saw an advertisement on television for an audition at the Space Theater (Cape Town). And so began the "long walk to fame" of the actress that ended up leading her to a career in cinema and theater. Sis'Thoko was awarded the prestigious Fleur du Cap award. 

Sis'Thoko is an activist and created the Nants'ingqayi Arts Development Association, a community project based in Langa.

At the TALENT Festival, it will be a trigger for personal reflection, it will unsettle young people, encouraging them to leave their comfort zone and realize their potential to change the world. Sis'Thoko will use Theater tools to work on leadership, such as the power of the word. 

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