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An immersive day, with exclusive content

and impactful experiences:

Immersive Training
Inspirational Speakers
Live Business Cases

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A GLOBAL view on leadership!

The complexity of the world as we know it generates interdependence in human relationships and in business. Currently, we are directly impacted by what happens anywhere in the world. Whether we like it or not, we are all connected globally.


TOPLideres Africa thus presents a global and interdisciplinary platform to address relevant current issues. The event promotes awareness, knowledge exchange and inspiration for action. A differentiating experience that aims to enable participants to drive positive changes in their areas of activity, in an increasingly chaotic and fast-paced world.

We want to impact leaders by:

INSPIRING through talks by national and international speakers who present frameworks and share trends, broadening our vision of business, innovation and people.


SHARING Business Live Cases from the most varied sectors of activity, promoting an authentic conversation about successful or unsuccessful strategies that present common challenges, achievements and lessons learned.


PROMOTING Networking with people and companies that have different experiences, gathering diversity in one place, creating new business opportunities.


TEASING through dynamics in the room that are emotionally impactful and direct us towards a mindset of practical action, on what to do? Where to start? How to bring new concepts of business and people management to the day-to-day of organizations, in accordance with the principles of sustainability, keeping pace with innovation.

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