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Young people Leaderships 

Following TOP Líderes Luanda, we feel challenged to think of a similar project focused on young leaders who have been given the task of managing teams in recent years and who intend to develop their leadership skills through outstanding experiences.

The TALENT Festival prepares the future of organizations, reinforcing the vision of those who conceive it: today's bet is the guarantee of tomorrow's success.


The structure of the program is based on three aspects:

1) Exponentiation of skills with a view to the future leadership of organizations through experiences.

2) Inspiration for the contact with people and projects that in some way transform the world, which will lead participants to aspire to high.

3) Expansion of the contact network by establishing relationships of trust, creating a community for sharing knowledge and content.

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This program is a window into a changing World, through a Festival of experiences during a full day, from morning to night. 


5 rooms, 5 experiences 

On a rotating basis, participants will be challenged to participate in 5 experiences in different formats:

1) Leadership brand 

We will use a tool to define the profile of reputable leadership in the market. 

2) Transformational skills workshop 

Through a tool specially developed for the program, we will work on critical skills with transformational power: self-regulation and design thinking. 

3) incubator workshop

We will put resilience to the test, a key competence to overcome challenges in a volatile context. 

4) inner talks I - Garrett McNamara, USA

5) inner talks II - Sis'Thoko, SA

* the identity of Inner talkers will be revealed gradually

note: the lunch break will be used for strengthen relationships and establish new contacts.


Participants will be exposed to yet another exciting experience that will demonstrate everything that was talked about and debated throughout the day. 

And more we will not say! 

Why a Festival?

A Festival is acelebration by a community of people who have something in common orsimilar interests

We want to celebrate talent! And for that, we propose to join the community of young leaders in Angola. And what this community has in common is the will to develop and be inspired, with the aim of becoming thegroup of decision-makers responsible for their country's prosperous future. 

A Festival of today is also a set of different experiences that can be experienced by their audiences at the same time and in the same space. 

We believe that this is the ideal concept to work with young leaders and it was this concept that inspired the construction of the mechanics of the program. 

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