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TOP Leaderships 

The first program of inter-company leadership held in Luanda, which challenges each participant to explore their potential as a people manager. A program that offers innovative methodologies, for companies and leaders of people who want to invest in their development, inspiring their teams to obtain more and better results.

Something that differentiates us as a program is the possibility that we give participants to be surprised by the  our sponsors and partners. The very relationship we develop with them isfuture-oriented, intending to strengthen lasting long-term ties. Thus, we design all actions together with them, realizing how to enhance relationshipswin-win. The curation of our partners is done carefully, as we want to have with us companies and organizations that have the samemindset, who want to co-create and who are available to be challenged to dream.  

Next issue:  May 2020 

The program is structured in a day and a half: 

Day 1: Morning

In small groups, a reflection and a management exercise are carried out using the theme of the respective edition. Groups are led by an experienced consultant. The sharing of experiences between participants is a dimension that is always deeply explored. 

Day 1: Late 

A period devoted entirely tonetworking. We believe that one of the differentiating vectors of our program is the diversity of participating leaders in terms of business areas,background and behavioral profiling. 

Day 2: Morning 

The TOP Leaders Luanda Conference has the great mission of adding an inspirational dimension to sharing. The participation of national and international speakers will enrich the experience by sharing disruptive perspectives. 


The program TOP LÍDERES Luanda was born in 2016 as a result of a reflection by JASON Angola together with several clients: the need to create a program ofinter-company leadershipto convey thenetworking among the Angolan cadres and that, above all, it was the stage forsharing experiences among the leaders. To this concept, we added the aspect of inspiration, believing thatInspired leaders are leaders who inspire. 

From our perspective, theknowledge sharing it is a fundamental factor in the development of leaders and in the growth of companies. In the context ofconstant and dynamic change of markets, the companies that have more information will be better prepared to act strategically. This is the first leadership program focused on sharing knowledge between leaders from different sectors of the Angolan market. 

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